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Our Machines

BG Lift M250

Our small but mighty M250 spider cranes can be used in multiple configurations to fit in the smallest of spaces!

These machines can run on diesel, 240v electricity or 110v electricity meaning we can work inside with zero emissions!

                                  All our machines come with non-marking white tracks as standard.

Tracked Carrier 1200 Pro


Our 1200 Pro is the smallest of our Tracked Carrier fleet, but still a force to be reckoned with!

Capable of carrying an incredible 1.2t on its own, these really are an ideal solution for moving heavy loads!

Accessories available for this machine are:

  • Glass Frame

  • 5th wheel and dolly raising capacity to 2.2t

  • Rotating turntable bed - 1t capacity

Tracked Carrier 2200 Pro 


Our 2200 Pro is the mid-sized machine we have.

Capable of carrying a whopping 2.2t this machine really has to be seen to be belived!

Accessories available for this machine are:

  • 5th Wheel and dolly raising capacity to 3.2t

  • Rotating turntable bed - 2t capacity

  • Tow bar

Tracked Carrier 4000 Pro


And the Big Boy! With a whopping 4t capacity and powered rotating bed our 4000 Pro is the daddy of the Tracked Carrier fleet.

Cobra Lifting were proud to have the first production model of this monstrous machine!

All our Tracked Carriers can be charged with either 240v or 110v power and the remote controls come with rechargeable batteries.

ViaVac CBX-800

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